Namespace: PPJ.Runtime

Assembly: PPJ.Web.49 (

Common base interface for Sal types.

public interface ISalType


DbType: Returns the corresponding DbType.

Boolean: Tests if the value is null.

Object: Returns the inner native value.

Implemented By


Dynamic array generic class. This class replicates SAL dynamic arrays. It can be used without being declared as an inner class by using the new generics syntax.

SAL Binary type (TD6).

SAL Boolean basic type. This is exactly the same as SalNumber. It is automatically casted to/from SalNumber.

SAL Date/Time basic type. It wraps .NET native DateTime type. SalDateTime objects are automatically cast to and from DateTime.

SAL Number basic type. It wraps .NET native Decimal type. SalNumber objects are automatically cast to and from SalBoolean, Decimal, and int.

SAL String basic type. It wraps .NET String class. SalString objects are automatically cast to and from .NET String type.

Special SalString extension to support SalContextCurrent().

SAL WindowHandle basic type. This class holds either a raw handle (a handle to SalSqlHandle, SalSqlSessionHandle, SalFileHandle, or a native control handle) or a weak reference to a .NET control.

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